NEW YORK—Promising gamers the most authentic equine experience in gaming history, Rockstar Games announced Wednesday that the first downloadable content update to their record-setting open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption 2 will have players reliving the game’s story from the perspective of their favorite horse. “This new mode adds tons of depth to your tamed-ungulate experience with over 100 hours of additional herd-animal content in the lush and vibrant setting of Red Dead Redemption,” said lead designer Christian Cantamessa, who revealed that players can now control their horse directly while walking around painstakingly detailed stables, whinnying at random, or grazing for hours outside the camp of protagonist Arthur Morgan. “Player-horses will eventually be given a huge variety of apples, beets, hay, and oatcakes to boost their horse, and they will witness a cinematic story as seen through the eyes of a horse being lead around or ridden by its owner. We’ve even expanded the honor system so you can become either a ‘good boah’ by obediently following a trail or a ‘bad boah’ by bucking off your rider, though of course you never really get to choose where you go.” The as-yet untitled expansion will also contain a complete graphic makeover to accurately simulate the 350-degree field of a horse’s dichromatic blue/green-and-white vision.


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