Tips For Avoiding Harassment While Playing Games Online

Multiplayer gaming can be a stressful experience with the anonymity of the online world making trolls out of a surprising number of players. But with just a few simple techniques, you can restore the fun and excitement to any game. Here are a few tips to avoid harassment while playing online games.

Only join games with friends you know aren’t prejudiced against your specific demographic groups.


Report any users who engage in abusive behavior if you’re some kind of fucking narc.

Make yourself more intimidating by listing your Boy Scout rank in your gamertag.

This takes time, but start to build up walls around your heart. Don’t let anyone in on what you’re feeling—even yourself. Trolls can sniff out vulnerability from miles away.


Try playing single-player games for a while. Then, the only one bullying you will be the voice in your own head.


Pretend to be Mark Ruffalo and try to be nice when people ask you what it’s like to be the Hulk, even though it’s obvious you get that question all the time.


This one’s simple, but try playing better and not holding your teammates back.

Remember that these interactions are all ultimately just taking place online, and you’re probably better off focusing on how to deal with the bullies who torment you every day in real life.


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