The Most Unforgettable Video Game Levels Of All Time

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There’s nothing like the satisfaction of capping off a truly legendary gaming level: some are agonizing, others are simply packed with unforgettable details and game mechanics. Either way, the most iconic and memorable will stand the test of time and continue rewarding replays. Here is OGN’s definitive list of the greatest video game levels of all time.


Mario Kart 64, Rainbow Road:

This level offers gamers the quintessential Mario Kart experience of selecting Toad, driving off the track, and plummeting into the empty void that surrounds in hopes that it will kill this foul mushroom-headed beast, only to be disappointed as he returns yet again.


Halo, The Library:

Perhaps the most iconic level in one of history’s greatest first-person shooters, where Master Chief must fight off a horde of alien zombies called the Flood through the titular Library so he can return his copy of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Ethics of Ambiguity.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, No Russian:

While earlier games like Crash Bandicoot may have beaten this title to the punch by forcing gamers to participate in the mass shooting of civilians, we can all agree that Modern Warfare 2 performed this emotional gut punch in a way that will never be forgotten.


Half-Life 2, “We Don’t Go To Ravenholm…”:

The title of this legendary level is so ominous that we’ve never worked up the courage to play it, threw away our copy of the game, and will begin loudly whimpering if anyone so much as mentions it.


The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Water Temple:

This water-logged puzzle dungeon was certainly frustrating at times, but nothing could beat the feeling of satisfaction that came with buying a licensed walkthrough from Nintendo and doing exactly what it said for 45 minutes straight.


Grand Theft Auto IV: Three Leaf Clover:

The bank heist to end all bank heists. This level nailed every detail, from the exact model of police helicopters used by NYPD to the sensitive bank documents that contained several Rockstar programmers’ real Social Security numbers.


Frogger, Level 3:

Focusing on the fast-moving cars, disappearing logs, and snapping crocodiles becomes all the more difficult after Frogger’s wife calls and tells him she’s been thinking a lot recently, and they should talk when he gets home.