Illustration for article titled Sweet Karma: Your High School Computer Lab Teacher Who Installed The Browser Blocker That Stopped You From Playing Flash Games Is Very Sick Now

Sometimes, the world just makes sense.

In a heartening turn of events that shows that justice can still be served, we’ve heard that your high school computer lab teacher who installed the browser blocker that stopped you from playing flash games is very sick now.


It looks like balance has finally been restored to the universe!

A former classmate’s mother, Mrs. Delaney, told us that the now 63-year-old woman who taught typing and computer skills and put in software preventing you from accessing any of your favorite online games had to be rushed to the ICU last month after she started coughing up blood in the middle of the second period. The teacher and mother of three who went so far as to install Barracuda Blocker on all 12 of the lab’s computers so you couldn’t even play Snowbells, N++, Xiao Xiao 9, or Pico’s School during lunch when you wouldn’t have been learning anything anyway, is now, in the sweetest twist of irony, getting her just punishment.


Sorry, Mrs. Delaney, but you know what they say: What goes around comes around.

During high school, she may have thought she was Queen Shit, but it looks like you’ll be having the last laugh browsing on your laptop for as long as you want while she’s stuck being hooked up to a dialysis machine. Oops, guess all her rules about the proper use of school computers didn’t prevent her body from complete renal failure after all.


Something tells us that if Mrs. Delaney ever makes it back into that computer lab, she’ll think twice before spoiling her students’ harmless fun. Check and mate.

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