Report: Video Games Will Never Be Art

‘They Are Little Diversions That Children Play,’ Experts Say

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NEW YORK—Having concluded they are at best nice little distractions suitable for children and adolescents, researchers at Columbia University released a report Tuesday confirming video games will never reach the level of art. “Our findings show that video games can be a fun activity, especially for children 14 and younger, but they are no more than trivial pastimes and certainly not to be compared with serious artistic endeavors such as literature and music,” said Professor Clarence Wadleigh, stressing that developers of more serious games like The Witness or That Dragon, Cancer should abandon their futile attempts to create art if they ever want to make something that’s actually fun to play. “Based on our research, we must recommend that game designers who fancy themselves as artists come to terms with the fact that their work will never serve as anything more than light entertainment for young people. If they attempt anything more ambitious, then frankly, they’re only going to embarrass themselves.” Citing its nonlinear structure and “super fun puzzles,” Lantz added that the video game that came closest to reaching the level of art was definitely Banjo-Kazooie.