Report: PlayStation 5 Has Already Been Out In Japan For, Like, 20 Years

Illustration for article titled Report: PlayStation 5 Has Already Been Out In Japan For, Like, 20 Years

Can’t wait to get your hands on the PlayStation 5? Then prepare to get jealous, because the cutting-edge video game console has apparently already been out in Japan for 20 years!


It turns out that the PS5 made its debut in Tokyo back in 1995, right around the time the original PlayStation made its way stateside. That’s right, all the games you’ve been hotly anticipating, from Final Fantasy XVII to Dark Souls 4, have already been available in all their stunning 8K glory to anyone willing to hop on a plane to the Land of the Rising Sun. They’re practically giving them away over there in game stores’ used bargain bins.

Wow, talk about lucky!

Unfortunately for the rest of us, unless you’re somehow fortunate enough to score a still-working PlayStation 5 from a Japanese seller on eBay or can get a friend over there to pick you up a second-hand one, you’ll just have to make due with Twitch streams from 40-year-old Japanese gamers reliving titles from their childhood like Persona 6 and Death Stranding 2. That is until 2020 when Sony finally releases the vintage console in the American market!

But don’t get too ahead of yourself. Anyone thinking about nabbing the current PlayStation 10 that was just announced in Japan will be sorely disappointed when they realize they can’t plug it into their outlets because it uses a fusion-based energy source not yet known to Western science.