Illustration for article titled New ‘Call Of Duty’ Praised For Depicting Grim, Harrowing Fun That Can Be Had While Killing Civilians

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t be in stores until October, but the reboot of the beloved gaming series is already garnering massive praise for the grim, harrowing fun users can have while killing civilians. Ever since developer Infinity Ward released a trailer yesterday, critics have been lauding the game for the realistic way it lets gamers experience the horrors of warfare by having a total blast gunning down innocent men, women, and children.

“We didn’t want to whitewash the dark, intrinsic ambiguity of combat, and we hope Call Of Duty fans will reflect on that as they have the time of their lives pumping round after round of ammo into the face of anyone who gets in their way,” design director Jacob Minkoff told OGN, adding that the game doesn’t shy away from emphasizing the bleak, soul-crushing nature of utterly delightful actions like throwing a grenade into a crowded marketplace or blowing out the brains of a Yemeni child on a nearby wall in an epic display of power. “Anyone playing the latest entry in the series should come away with the understanding that armed conflict is fundamentally horrifying, grotesque, and dope as hell.”


October may be a long time to wait, but as soon as it rolls around, we’re looking forward to having a ball relishing the unspeakable atrocities of war for hours on end. 

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