Most Anticipated Games Of The Fall

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From indie darlings and heady sci-fi adventures to sequels and reboots of classic franchises, the end of 2019 has no shortage of major titles to keep every kind of gamer busy. These are OGN’s most anticipated games being released this fall.


Death Stranding:

We aren’t entirely clear on what this game is about, how it’s played, or if it will actually be any good, but that’s no reason not to drop $200 on the Collector’s Edition right now.

DOOM Eternal:

This one looks like it might have some occult elements, so consult your pastor before playing.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare:

Don’t be confused, this isn’t merely a port of 2007’s Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The 16th entry in the Call Of Duty series is actually a soft reboot of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that also incorporates elements from Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and is most definitely, 100% a new game worth spending $60 on.


The Surge 2:

Futuristic with Dark Souls-level difficulty, we can’t wait to jump into this game two years from now when it costs $10.


In The Valley Of Gods:

The silent weirdo who sits behind you at work is gonna go apeshit for this one.


A groundbreaking game-creation system that lets players pay $30 for the chance to undertake the endless, tedious responsibilities of an indie developer.


Pistol Whip:

This hypnotic VR shooter lulls players into a rhythmic trance of violence, proving that although video games don’t cause mass shootings, it’s not from a lack of trying.


Gears 5:

Dropping the “of War” from the naming convention seems to hint that this installment will focus primarily on the franchise’s mechanical engineering subplot.


Pokémon Sword And Shield:

Showing a major evolution for the Pokémon franchise, the initial two-week slog of this installment will be spent wading through countless fucking Wooloo in a full 3D world instead of Bidoof or Pidgey in a top-down 3D gameplay.