Illustration for article titled Making Amends: Blizzard Added A Drawing Of Xi Jinping Getting Pinched On The Ass By A Crab To All Spawn Rooms On Overwatch’s Lijiang Tower Map

We can all agree that Blizzard messed up by banning popular Hearthstone player Blitzchung from competition due to his pro-Hong Kong comments. Thankfully, they’re making up for their mistake with a totally epic move: When the next Overwatch update hits, the developers will modify every spawn room in the Lijiang Tower map to include a drawing of Chinese President Xi Jinping getting pinched in the buttocks by a big crab.


From here on out, anyone who wants to fly Pharah through the Night Market will first be treated to this firm statement of support for the people of Hong Kong. Consider us back on Team Blizzard!

OGN got an exclusive look at this update, and guys, it’s a really epic move. In the painting, which takes up almost a whole wall in each spawn room, President Jinping is shown standing next to a bright-red crab His belt has been snipped by a previous onslaught of the crab’s pinches. Meanwhile, the crab brandishes a claw to grab a sizable chunk of Jinping’s rear.


Interestingly enough, even though the pinch seems pretty painful, Jinping is also blushing as if he’s getting some sort of naughty thrill out of this. Plus, eagle-eyed gamers will notice an American flag in the crab’s other claw! Team USA for the win! 

If Xi Jinping is an Overwatch player, he’s definitely going to have to think twice about jumping into a match. For everyone else, it’s great to be able to play with a clear conscience knowing Blizzard has done their part to push back on China’s repressive regime.


Gamers who were on the fence about Blizzard before will be relieved to know that their favorite game developers are back on the right side of history. Hopefully, this will send a serious message to the Communist Party of China. It’s sure going to be tough to violently crack down on protests and free speech after the entire world gets an eyeful of their leader’s pink, swollen ass being put on display by a proud pro-democracy crustacean!

Thank you, Blizzard! All is forgiven!


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