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LOS ANGELES—Lavishing praise on Nintendo for its fresh and inspired design, a reviewer declared Thursday that a new game in which Mario sometimes dresses as a chef is “simply bursting with creative wonder.” “Every moment of this delightful adventure is overflowing with wildly innovative ideas that take the franchise in a bold new direction,” said video game critic Derek Tillman of the newly released platformer where Mario periodically dons a chef’s hat, jacket, and apron, and can wield a whisk as a weapon. “Nintendo has drawn from a seemingly unending spring of imagination to craft a visionary world that represents nothing short of a groundbreaking milestone in the history of gaming. The chef’s uniform sets a new bar that I don’t see anyone, maybe not even Nintendo itself, clearing anytime soon.” Tillman went on to say he wouldn’t be surprised at all if Nintendo one day dressed Mario in a swimsuit.


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