Illustration for article titled Hideo Kojima Teases What We Assume Is New ‘Death Stranding’ Info By Walking Around E3 Dressed As Triceratops And Waving A ‘Big, Brassy, And Beautiful’ Sign

Prepare for a mind-blowing experience, gamers, because we have something that is almost certainly big news coming out of E3. Apparently, Hideo Kojima has surprised everyone by showing up to the conference, and he’s teasing what we have to assume is new Death Stranding information by running around dressed as a triceratops and waving a “Big, Brassy, and Beautiful” sign.


Death Stranding might be the most anticipated game of 2019, which why it was so exciting to see the genius behind the Metal Gear series offering up new details by running around E3 on all fours, ramming people with his fake triceratops horns, and carrying a sign extolling some sort of body positivity. We don’t exactly know why he started throwing grapefruits at people either, but you know Kojima probably has some deep, awe-inspiring shit up his sleeve.

Fans in attendance cheered and took pictures as Kojima tied a Brazilian flag around his neck and gyrated while jumping from table to table, speculating that the video game designer was using the power of dance to signify how Death Stranding will tackle Jean-Paul Sartre’s ideas about the conflict between the human desire for meaning and existence’s inherent emptiness. He also doggy paddled around a kiddy pool filled with orange paint, which we didn’t quite get, but people have been wondering what Kojima would do ever since he left Konami, and now, we might have an answer—it’s going to be groundbreaking and awesome for sure.


One big hint may have been Kojima’s repeating of the phrase, “The cobbler takes his mother to the market,” and his insistence that everyone who approached him refer to him as “The Adjudicator,” although several fans reported Kojima chasing them down a few hours later and saying, “Call me the ‘Black Comptroller,’ instead, or no, actually ‘Dark Comptroller.’ Yeah, that’s way better.” Whatever was going on here and whether it actually had anything to do with Death Stranding, we can only hope Kojima continues to captivate us with these compelling and philosophically dense teasers.

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