Gaming Is Finally Growing Up: This Xbox One Is Wearing A Suit And Tie

Illustration for article titled Gaming Is Finally Growing Up: This Xbox One Is Wearing A Suit And Tie

Haters have always said that gaming was nothing but child’s play—an immature distraction from the more “serious” and critically accepted art forms out there in the world. But it’s time for those naysayers to bow down and accept that gaming is finally growing up, because this Xbox One is wearing a suit and tie!

Yup, readers. This right here is the clearest sign yet that gaming isn’t just for kids anymore.

Boy, we wish we could see the stunned looks on critics’ faces when they get a load of Microsoft’s console attired in a smart Brooks Brothers suit and silk tie, and realize everything they’ve thought about video games has been dead wrong. What’s even sweeter is that the Xbox’s leather briefcase leaves no room for the argument that novels or films are the only adult form of storytelling anymore. And is that a tasteful pocket square we see in the console’s Blu-ray drive? Well, well, well.

Of course, we’d argue that we’ve already had countless moments in the 60-year history of video games that settled this argument, such as when a PlayStation 2 was spotted wearing a phone headset in a drab office cubicle or when a pair of Sega Saturns was seen at their kitchen table agonizing over prenup agreements. However, none of that matters now that this mature console and its sophisticated work ensemble have put this silly debate to rest once and for all!

So listen up, gamers: next time some detractor starts disparaging your life passion as childish or shallow, you just point them in the direction of this Xbox One and its responsible, stylish business outfit. We’re pretty sure that will shut them up for good.