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Oh, man, gamers have got to take a gander at this new trainwreck. It looks like reviewers across the internet are harping on new RPG Eternal Dragon: Knights Of Terellia, deriding the open-world game’s 5,000 hours of dialogue spread over 200 side quests and six different endings as completely rushed and blandly repetitive.

Looks like whoever wrote the 1,500-page script for this game’s 16 playable characters has some explaining to do!


The game, which is an open-world exploration title set in a massive fantasy kingdom, is being slammed by players and reviewers alike for the slipshod nature of its writing, which many have complained seems consistently churned out and uninspired over the course of its 250-hour average playtime. It’s a shame that in this day and age, video game writers don’t put a little more care into all of their 150,000 lines of dialogue.

What’s downright embarrassing for the Eternal Dragon developers is that many players have discovered reused lines when talking to one of the games 2,750 NPCs. It’s like these guys don’t even know they’re supposed to be world building! Would it kill them to spend a little more time fleshing out the months of recorded branching conversations that change based on your class and gender?

Have a little respect for your craft, please.

We can only pray the developers take these critiques to heart and take a hard look at this game’s 2 million unoriginal words before considering making another title. Here’s hoping the next RPG we play is written by someone willing to put in the six months straight of sleepless crunch needed to give us a few hundred optional side quests we can sink our teeth into.


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