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With this year’s E3 nearly wrapping up, it’s safe to say some attendees are already getting nostalgic for the feelings of watching a week of jaw-dropping reveals and game demos. For those folks, the convention’s organizers just unveiled a must-have piece of swag: A “Con Funk”-scented candle that perfectly replicates the aroma of roaming the convention floor between mobs of sweaty, unshowered gamers.


Available online for only $29.99, this soy-based candle might be the definitive way to stir up memories of being shrouded in the distinctive scent of hormones and sweat that can only be produced by hordes of cosplayers, poorly-rested game designers, and booth attendees cooped up together inside the Los Angeles Convention Center!

“The E3 ‘Con Funk’ candles take everything gamers love about attending the world’s largest gaming convention and distills it down to a single unique odor that’s great for the living room or bedroom,” said Electronic Software Association CEO Michael Gallagher, noting the candle perfectly evokes the hints of acrid body odor and physical grime that builds up over the conference’s three days. “Whether it’s a fan dressed as Kratos who decided not to wear antiperspirant or the powerful bouquet of Monster energy drink and cigarettes on the breath of a minor esports champion, this is a complex aroma that’s guaranteed to bring you back to your incredible time at the convention, again and again.”


“With this candle, the scent of E3 can finally stretch on year-round,” he added.

The “Con Funk” candle is selling for half-off at the E3 online store until the convention ends. So, act quickly if you’re looking to relive some memories of gaming glory without breaking the bank!


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