Illustration for article titled Deal Alert: A Beluga Whale Beached Itself With A Stomach Full Of Classic N64 Cartridges

Gamers, you’re definitely going to want to check this out: A beluga whale just beached itself on the Quebec shore and its stomach is absolutely packed with dozens of vintage N64 cartridges. We’re talking Goldeneye, Starfox 64, Paper Mario, F-Zero X, all available for free to any gamers willing to head to Hudson Bay with a hatchet or harpoon to peel through a few layers of blubber and stick their arms elbow-deep into a little bit of digestive juices where these vintage cartridges are stocked. There’s even a drool-worthy Expansion Pak version of Perfect Dark just under a little mound of ambergris in the small intestine. So let’s be clear: This isn’t just some stray porpoise with a copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter rammed in its blowhole. We’re looking at one of the best chances for Nintendo diehards to stock up on the greatest N64 games of all time. But you’d better head down to the beach now—gasses are already bloating the whale’s decomposing stomach cavity, and by the time it explodes, all of these deals will be gone.


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