Congratulations! You’ve Read Enough OGN Articles In A Row To Earn A 1-Up!

Illustration for article titled Congratulations! You’ve Read Enough OGN Articles In A Row To Earn A 1-Up!

Brace yourself for some awesome news, gamers, because according to a quick read of your OGN XP points, you’ve just read enough articles to earn a 1-Up.

That’s right. You’ve just crested our notoriously challenging level-up mark, which means you’ve finally read enough news stories, features, game reviews, and commentary to land a coveted OGN 1-Up, granting you one extra life to use while perusing America’s most trusted source for video game journalism.

Now, how’s that for an epic victory?

Only a select number of our readers even get this far, so give yourself a big round of applause. You’re a super reader! Yes, you’re probably tired from working so hard, but read only five more and you’ll unlock an exclusive OGN camouflage skin. A few more views after that and you’ll be able to select a new browsing ability from our Onion Gamers skill tree. Just imagine how well you could browse articles if every click felt like a double click or your highlighting reach was extended to include images.


And of course, as always, don’t forget to retweet or share this article on social media to earn an extra 200 Onion Gamer Gems, redeemable for weapons, upgrades, and even more articles from the OGN Bazaar. Just don’t run out of lives.

Now happy reading, OGN readers!

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