‘ASS’ Finally Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of Fame

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ROCHESTER, NY—Honoring their performance and consistency in regularly appearing up and down the high-score screen for decades, the World Video Game Hall Of Fame formally inducted “ASS” into its hallowed collection in a gala ceremony Friday. “After years of being overlooked for outstanding contributions to gaming in every major arcade cabinet from Space Invaders to Galaga, Street Fighter 2 to Cruisin’ World, ASS is at long last getting the recognition they deserve,” said museum director Jon-Paul Dyson, pulling away a curtain to reveal the legendary moniker featured next to previous inductees “SEX,” “TIT,” and all-time champion “AAA.” “With this accolade, ASS joins the generations of superstars and influencers in this hallowed hall, taking their rightful place among arcade greats from XXX to FUK.” The occasion also marks the ninth year in a row that the honor has been denied to Mortal Kombat legend “EJB,” who has admitted to using performance-enhancing codes.


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